Talk: Lucky PDF

Lucky PDF is a collaborative group of artists based in London: James Early, John Hill, Ollie Hogan and Yuri Pattinson. They create educational videos for online access including the BBC and the School of Global Art.

The group introduced projects they have worked on previously, current commissions and gave advice about how to work successfully in a team, making the students understand that although it is important to work on ideas which all members of the group find interesting, it is vital that the group as a whole are driven in the same direction.

Student Amanda Farrar found the talk useful to the documentation side of UNIT X…’As I was unsure of what to expect throughout the whole of Unit X, I think this artist talk provided much needed useful information, such as, how to produce the best exhibition you can collaboratively and how to make the best of every situation. Although the collaborative element was extremely useful for my project, I also believe learning the documentation and video aspect of art will be useful to know as an artist.’


Image by Molly Garner


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