Trend forcasting

The Trend Boutique is an online resource, consultancy and events management company working alongside institutions, particularly within design & creative industries.

Sally from TB talked through recently predicted trends…

Macro – 3-5years+
Transitional – 1-2years
Micro Trends – 6 months

The stages trends go through are:

-Introduction – Growth – Maturity – Decline
-Trend Setter – Early Adopter – Trend Follower – Lagger
-Designer – Brand – High Street – Discount

Why are trends important?

– Right product, right place, right time
– Demanding consumers
– Industry worth billions
– Overseas production
– Inspiration & direction

Publications within trend forecasting:

– Carlin International
– Peclers Paris
– Nelly Rodi
– Promostyl
– Trend Union
– Decipher
– Mudpie
– Trend Bible


– Stylesight
– MPD Click

Macro : Future Laboratory, Captain Crikey
Transitional : Carlin International, Peclers Paris, Nelly Rodi
Micro : WGSN, Stylesight, MPD Click

Trend forecasting methodology:

Research vs Intuitive (Left vs Right had side of brain)
Research = driven from statistics & data
Intuitive = gut instinct, creative thinking

No visuals – do not let aesthetics influence

First points of reference:

Followed by artistic, design, product & colour
Then fashion, textiles, interiors & architecture


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