Take Shelter!




This practical workshop was run by Constance and Laura from Parasol; A daylong event where the students got in to their UNIT X groups and built a shelter together based on themes they had disused previously. So far during this year’s unit this workshop especially highlights the interesting collaborative work that can be made when students from very different practices come together. They were encouraged to think about balance, structure, tension and to use the room to their advantage.

Each group had the following materials to pick from to create their structure:

-2 bricks
-3 dowel rods
-2.5 metres of cloth
-Masking tape/celotape

After building the shelters, they groups held an exhibition and invited other students and tutors to come along to see the fruits of their labour.

The general consensus among the groups was that the most important thing gained from the workshop was the bonding experience, and less about making a perfect structure.

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Photos by Molly Garner


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