Talk: Chara Lewis

Chara Lewis spoke about her process and practice of collaboration for the last 10 years with 2 fellow artists under the name ‘Brass Art’. They work in many different ways and mediums, including sculpture, drawing, print, neon lights etc. They like to use both traditional methods with alongside modern, cutting edge technology. They are interested in using different spaces and responding to them, ‘site responsive’ rather than ‘site specific’.

Chara emphasized the importance of ‘play’ in her collaborative practice and especially how important it is when working collaboratively that you are relaxed and open to ideas and suggestions, which is something that the students will potentially have to realise during UNIT X.

Fine Art student Molly Garner found the talk useful towards her own group work…’All in all I really enjoyed Chara’s talk and learning about her collaborative practice. I love their interests in mythology and re-animation, as well as the repeated shadow motif and moving forwards with it to represent it in new ways. The key to working with other people is to find a common interest, this is something also mentioned in the Lucky PDF talk…’


Image of Clara by Molly Garner

Trespass image by BRASS ART.


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