Talk: Craig Atkinson

Craig Atkinson is a fine artist, illustrator, photographer and publisher of respected Cafe Royal press. His talk offered guidance to creative students.

‘It was interesting to hear from him as he gave quite a lot of advise to new graduates. He really encouraged us to make things happen for ourselves by following our interests, being ambitious and promoting ourselves whilst remaining humble.’ Jade Fawcett, 1st Year Fine Art.

‘He was interested in finding new ways to show and exhibit work that were not at constrained as within a gallery space. He liked the idea that you are engaged with a book and can take it home etc, it becomes personal art rather then having to go to a gallery. The act of reading or looking at a book requires you to pause and slow down and perhaps take the work in more rather then passing by within a gallery setting. (Perhaps an interesting notion for Unit X events? I had liked the idea of creating a zine or catalogue of some description.)’ Molly Garner, Fine Art Sculpture.


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