Dont Think. Look!


Michael Howard (Contemporary Art Historian, MMU) presented a talk to inspire the Kite Group, introducing them to Ludwig Wittgenstien…

Wittgenstien was a philosopher, passionate about dreams and they could send us subconscious messages to guide us in our waking lives. He began study at Victoria University Manchester, which is now University of Manchester in 1908 to study aeronautics, designing and flying his own planes, starting with the study and research of kites which he conducted on the windy hills of Glossop, where students will be following in his footsteps for UNIT X this year.

“Don’t think, look!” Wittgenstein urges in Philosophical Investigations

Ludwig was fascinated by mans limits and our obsession with learning, knowing what it is to be human.

This concept that Howard put forward to the students offered something very inspiring, especially as they were about to make their own kite projects. Jade Fawcett, a 1st year Fine Art student was one of the students to feel this, reporting on her UNIT X blog that..

‘This concept really appeals to me. This idea seems magical and dreamline, and example of us seeking what is beyond us.’


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