Zine Workshop


Arriving at the library I found a handful of students in quiet study over tables displaying a selection of paper treasures.

Out of all the zines on display for this workshop, most were drawn straight away to a large format publication printed on newsprint with the title Temporary Hoarding. This was the first printed manifesto of Rock Against Racism, an organisation that radicalised a generation in the 1970’s. With a mix of music reviews and political dialog the magazine offered anti-fascist supporters a magazine that offered advice on political activism and celebrate music that supported the movement in one read.




I Interviewed a few Illustration with Animation students who had really enjoyed the visit to the collection as they were creating zines for a zine fair they were organising for the Unit X festival. Although there is a lot of access to current zines and printed journals I found the students valued an insight to the history of the independent publication, which I hoped would inspire their own work.

In edition to the actual event I found a lot of students had enjoyed visiting the collection and I hope this will encourage them to use it for future study.



N.B I discovered that students were not generally aware that you can continue to use the Special Collections after you graduate. So a note to all MMU students can access the All Saints Library and Special Collections with your Alumni card.


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