When you begin something, you are on a journey. It is exciting and you don’t know where it is going to go.

Students will be venturing out into one of the most powerful pieces of British landscape,  the dark peat moors of the Peak District , will provide an unparallel back drop to experimental flight!

They will journey into the act of defying gravity. It will be dream like, it will be comical and it will serve that impulse that humans have always had, to defy limitation.  The exploration will be one of kite flying as a return to a visionary awareness where artists explore things that are not immediately obvious. They will experience the colours, nature, the changing landscapes and weather, just as Lichtenstein came to Glossop in 1909 to fly his machine- They will engage in an intellectual way the idea of ascension.

Just as human beings seem to have done for century’s, students will experiment with flight, and as for centuries in both Western and Oriental culture, they will be venturing out of the city and into the country side for contemplation, embarking on a journey and therefore entering the void we all face when we set out ..

Mark Rothko confronts this void, the emptiness, Matisse’s paper cut outs show Icarus reflecting on the greatest image of ambition that fails. Marcel Duchamp’s piece about ascension is a man reaching out to a woman, ascending but not quite reaching her. Kabakov, a Russian activist created ‘The man who flew into space from his apartment’, 1985 and Life magazine published Robert Wiles photo of Evelyn McHale’s suicide, four minutes after her leap from the Empire State Building 12th May 1947

No matter how wacky their kites end up being, students will be locking into a very powerful part of what it is to be human.

the most beautiful suiside


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