Talk: Ian Forrester

Today a ‘blue sky thinking’ lecture was led by Ian Forrester, Senior Firestarter at the BBC’s Research and Development department. His role as ‘Firestarter’ was to come up with the ideas that perhaps no one else might dare think of, essentially by using ‘blue sky thinking’.

“Using internet technologies and sensibility to create something closer to a personal theatre experience in your living room”.

Ian explained how he ‘hates’ broadcasting and that he aims to change broadcast forever. Ian proposes a new broadcasting system, ‘Perceptive Media’ otherwise known as intrusive television, that we need to start making something happen and physically doing something to unconsciouslly doing it without knowing. What if implicit actions drove television?

– Work on implicit actiona influencing the media
– Influence within the scope of the writer
– Object based delivery of media
– Narrative

Overall, Ian Forrester hopes to achieve storytelling like never seen before. Through gaining awareness and attention and the creation of a tailored experience via broadcasting.

Thank you to Hannah Olivia for content contribution of this entry.




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