Exploring your senses

“As a child one of the first things we learn is to touch, using fingers to feel our way around an object – is it hard, soft, smooth, spiky? We observe how things work, what we can do with it – can we hold it, twist it, pull it and how far? We listen, seeing how things respond to sound. These activities help us to better understand the world, people and environments in which we find ourselves.”

By exploring a variety of senses and experimenting with a range of materials, students in the project ‘Mental Health’, began to understand the dynamics involved in creating workshops for various group sizes, age ranges, time restraints, costs and sustainability factors.

Students were encouraged to partake in various workshops themselves and respond to materials in a creative way. Students identified the qualities of materials and evaluated the senses used in working with these, while identifying relevant age groups / settings these materials could be suitable for.

Through this exploration they were able to begin to develop their own workshops based on their practice and evaluate the suitability of their creative work for use in such an environment.

IMG_0128 IMG_0145 IMG_0135


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