Creative Window Boxes Workshop

Words and images : Kate Dunstone

College One kicked off Unit X with a Creative Window Boxes workshop. Lead by the Art School’s Schools Outreach team this workshop challenged students to construct window boxes out of recycled materials, including postage packaging, cardboard boxes and electrical wire. Throughout the rest of the project students will learn how to develop their own creative window box workshops to be delivered to groups across Manchester.

Read on to find out more about the students, and their reasons for choosing College One…

mind map and notebook showing plans for making window boxes

Charlotte, Year Two Textiles

I chose this college because I’m interested in gallery exhibition work, but also helping with workshops. I’ve worked with people with learning difficulties, and wanted to carry this on. I really like learning and teaching new techniques, and from this project I hope to learn the skills to run workshops in the future.

workshop participant making small trays with fake grass

Qainaat, Year Two Interactive Arts

I want to run workshops after I finish my degree, and hope this college will help me to build confidence. I’ve enjoyed working as an Art and Design Mentor, and think this project will give me more knowledge of workshop structure and develop, as well as building my confidence.

participant making a large fan out of paper and thread

Danielle, Year Two Illustration

I chose this project because I’m interested in doing a PGCE in the future, and wanted to learn more about gallery work and group work with children. I also thought it would provide me with good experience to use on future applications. I have no teaching experience, so everything is new! Through this project I hope to get a better idea of what teaching is like, and gain a different perspective on my work.


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