Lynn Setterington – Embroidery in the Context of Socially Engaged Art

slide showing title of talk

Words and image : Kate Dunstone

Textile artist, and School of Art tutor, Lynn Setterington gave College One students an introduction to her work in socially engaged art today, to inspire them with the development of their window box workshops.

Lynn began with an overview of her early career, from her time at Goldsmiths to her move to Manchester in the early 1990s, all the way up to her most recent project, Please Sign Here in Rochdale. Working with a variety of textiles techniques Lynn’s work draws people together from different social groups, for example along Manchester’s Oxford Road.

While focusing on her own work, Lynn also gave an insight into some of the problems facing socially engaged artists. In particular she alluded to the unpredictability of collaborative work, especially in anticipating how many people will wish to participate. However, she also highlighted some of the positive aspects, including the sometimes surprising skills shared by participants.

To find out more about Lynn’s work you can visit her website,


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