Opportunity : a-n Funding Seminar

Financing your practice and building audiences

26th March 2014 1:30PM – 3:30PM

Artist Emilia Telese and arts producer Hen Norton will unwrap and discuss the secrets of successful fundraising in the arts in a seminar designed especially for final-year undergraduate visual arts students by a-n The Artists Information Company. Drawing on first-hand-experiences, the presenters will to demonstrate how when fundraising is integrated to practice and the role of networks and social media is understood, practitioners are more likely to achieve their artistic ambitions and sustain their careers.

Alongside insights from the speakers, seminar participants will be provided with an e-info sheet covering fundraising options and useful related resources. They will also each get a special code to sign up for a-n’s free 12-month final-year undergraduate membership providing full access to all online resources including Jobs and Opps, practical guides, contracts, fees and professional development toolkits, blogging and member-to-member communication tools plus invites to take part in a-n’s professional development and artists’ events.

Sign up on Eventbrite at https://anmagazine.eventbrite.co.uk

About the artists;

Emilia Telese is a UK-based cross-over artist. During her career, she has slept in a forest, been chased by paparazzi in Venice; landed by helicopter in a Danish football field; changed her brainwave frequencies in the former stables of the Tsar of Russia in St Petersburg; shut herself in a suitcase in Southend; eaten rosaries in Sigmund Freud’s home; and built the Brighton’s Royal Pavilion out of ten tons of rice. Her popular Dodge the Shredder fundraising workshop is run across the UK within a-n’s programme

Hen Norton co-founded UK-based crowdfunding platform We did this. Her aim is to introduce new ways of building sustainable relationships in business, the arts and between communities. Her unique How to build audiences through Crowdfunding seminar for a-n has resulted in successful fundraising campaigns for artists and arts organisations. She has advised arts councils in England and Wales on new strategies for arts fundraising and is mentor to a number of consortia within Arts Council England’s Catalyst new funding for the arts programme.


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