Profile : Kate Dunstone

Images : Kate Dunstone

As part of Unit X practitioners from across the School of Art and beyond are brought in to teach workshops and work on projects. Throughout Unit X we will be posting practitioner profiles on the blog, to help you get to know them better…

Name: Kate Dunstone
Discipline: Graphic Design

How would you describe your work to someone at a party?

I have a background in Graphic Design, but now my work sits more between design and art. I call it ‘social making’, I am interested in collaboration, and creativity as a social act. My most recent work has focused on bringing together social forms of making, such as knitting circles, with design techniques, like magazine design, to create collaborative zines.

workshop participants drawing zine entries
Contributors to Forming/Storming/Performing collaborative zine

What have you been doing as part of Unit X?

During Unit X I have been co-ordinating this very blog! This involves looking through all the events going on and picking what to document, then sending digital journalists, photographers and filmmakers to them.

Have Unit X students surprised you, with their working processes or final outputs?

The students I’ve been working with on the blog have been super professional, and the films, photos and articles they’ve provided have been spot on. Although, that’s not really a surprise!

collaborative zine titled 'get it rolling'
Completed collaborative zine

Did you do anything like Unit X while you were an undergraduate student?

I didn’t study at MMU, and we didn’t really do anything like Unit X. I think it would have been good to get to meet students from other courses.

What do you see as the benefits for students working on a project like Unit X?

Getting the chance to collaborate across disciplines, in a kind of controlled space, is really valuable experience for professional life I think. So much of the work of art and design involves working with other people, so learning how to communicate and negotiate in a group is pretty vital.

spread from zine making instruction booklet
Spread from ‘Man|Ren Atelier’ collaborative zine instruction booklet

Do you have any ‘words of wisdom’ for students as they make their way through Unit X?

Be open, get involved.

Visit Kate online at, or on Twitter @dunstbot.


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