Student Blog Round Up!

As part of Unit X students are required to write their own reflective blogs. This Student Blog Round Up gathers together some of the highlights from the first four weeks of Unit X blogs…

Sean Barker, Graphic Design
Brendan Dawes – Designer’s Talk
I felt really inspired by this lecture because he seemed to go into all of his projects with no limitations and just experimented with things that had never been tried before. This attitude is key when inventing new products and new ways of doing things and it is something I want to take into my work on Unit X – in order to be creative and imaginative with the solutions.

Adam Tranter, Graphic Design
Yorkshire Sculpture Park Visit
As an initial icebreaker for the launch of Unit X, our tutors had taken us to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It was a trip that included two different courses: Graphic Design, and Illustration with Animation. On this trip, we were encouraged to form small groups of six between all three subjects and create a short film using nothing but the environment around us.

The film had to convey a basic narrative and the only restrictions were presented by the rules of Dogme 95, an Avant Garde filmmaking style that lasted from 1995-2005 and was made as a manifesto. No props, filters, special effects, additional sound, additional imagery or genre was to be included in the film. Dogme is raw footage and nothing else. Needless to say, this brief was incredibly challenging. The restrictions placed on us by Dogme meant that anything coming out of this project was bound to look terrible. It was as if a camera phone had just been waved around a random park and given a title (which was exactly what our work was).

blue sky at yorkshire sculpture park

Sarah Wakefield, Fine Art
Susie MacMurray – Artist’s Talk
By far for me this was the most exciting artist talk that I have been to this year and it was a great starting point for Unit X! The Manchester based artist centers her work around the human form and, although she said herself she struggled with creating a sculptural form whilst doing her degree, she has now become a successful sculptural artist. So perhaps with time comes experience!

Her work can become very repetitive but it is this way of working that I find so appealing. In the past I have worked in this way and although I know it can be very time consuming and frustrating at times it can also be very rewarding. By using masses of the same material she believes she allows herself to play with the materials to see what they can do, she lets the materials do the work without having full intentions of the outcome.

Xavier Caballé
Yorkshire Sculpture Park Film

Charlotte Thompson, Fine Art
Manchester Art Gallery Visit
Firstly we began with the exciting activity of a treasure hunt! With works in focus by Joana Vasconcelos, the aim was to observe how these works accompanied the more historic works, to obtain an overview and consider how they were placed. This was an exciting task for me as I love galleries and this art was particularly fascinating and fun for all ages to view (even if your subject wasn’t art-based.) My favourite piece was definitely ‘True Faith’, made from handmade crochet, ornaments, polyester and MDF. From a first glance the words I thought of were: chromosomes, bright, jumps out, 3D, colour gradient, tactile, compact, breaking free, crucifix imagery.

crocheted artwork at manchester art gallery

Thanks to Sean, Adam, Sarah, Charlotte and Xavier for their contributions to this post.






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