Opportunity : Centre for the Imagination

Artists and collectives from the Interactive Arts constellation are invited to stage an event as part of MAG’s monthly Thursday Late series. This is an opportunity to use MAG’s spaces, exhibition programme and collection in innovative ways to critically question the status of imagination and creativity in everyday life. Centre for the Imagination is organised by Unit X students as both a celebration of Interactive Arts’ collaborative and enterprising profile in Manchester, and as a trailblazer for Ryan Gander’s upcoming solo show at MAG.

We are seeking a diverse range of interactions, eg. performances, interventions, film and video, music, exhibition stands, conversations, artefacts, creative businesses, etc.

ThisThursday Late event is at Manchester Art Gallery on Thursday 22 May 2014. There will be a modest fee shared by participants, and technical support from MAG staff. There are further opportunities, to be announced, to be involved in delivering the MAG learning programme in July/August.

24 April: call for participation

5 May: deadline for proposals, 1 page to: dave.griffiths@mmu.ac.uk, or carly.bainbridge@stu.mmu.ac.uk

20-22 May: installation (TBC) & event. You’re responsible for sourcing any equipment and materials needed, with technical support for installing in the gallery.

More information on the project, and Ryan Gander’s upcoming exhibition, can be found here -> Call for participation


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