Final Week Recap: Setup @ New Century House

Last week saw the final show of work from this year’s Unit X project. Manchester’s Northern Quarter became a hub of creative activity, with work from Unit X showing alongside Northern Quarter After Dark events. Project Unit X’s contributors captured all the action, and their recaps of the event will be posted throughout this week…

Words : Kellie Craig, Olivia Wedderburn
Images : Stewart Honeyman

New Century House
Tuesday, 13th May
In contrast to this afternoon’s preparations in Federation House, the second floor at New Century House is a hub of creative activity. First year students are beginning to adorn the somewhat clinical office walls with cardboard fascias in order to display their work. It is anticipated by many that the original office space should be almost unrecognisable by the time opening night arrives.

empty space at new century house ready for setup

Students are currently in the process of hanging work from the ceiling and on walls, coordinating within their allocated spaces on the second, third and fourth floors of New Century house. A buzz of activity is coming particularly from the second floor, where masses of enthusiastic first year arts students are collating their work in preparation for their display. With a multitude of ladders, masking tape, blu-tack and artworks strewn across the second floor space, the opening night is sure to comprise of an exciting and innovative collection of new collaborative works by first year students at Manchester School of Art. KC

students setup work at new century house

New Century House went from a quiet disused office block to a hub of creativity during the Unit X final show set up. As students from all disciplines separated themselves amongst the floors, the beginning of a transformation occurred. Large cardboard packages were distributed and thus began the hammering and hanging of the exhibition set up.

Graphics, Illustration with Animation and Interactive Arts are manning the second floors, working within the concept of a science theme, which sees the emergence of futuristic sustainability, through sculptural and print resources, whilst filmmaking and photography work on the third floor.

students setup at new century house

The real magic during set up took place on the fourth floor, where the fashion and textiles students came in all their glory to transform the drab surroundings into a funfair of colour, working directly in response to the them ‘Fairgrounds’. Students are specialising in everything from low tech hacking to passimentory weave and stitch, aiming to expose the public to the complexities and depth of textiles in practice within the modern day.

fashion students hang work at new century house fashion students hang work at new century house

The challenge of using an office block seemed to be overcome by students who used innovative curatorial approaches to work with the space and make it more malleable. OW

artworks ready to hang in new century house



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