Student Interview: Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy is a second-year Contemporary Art History student, participating at the zine fair in Federation House on Thursday. Project Unit X contributor Kellie Craig spoke to him as he prepared for the final show of his Unit X work.

Words : Kellie Craig

trunk zine displayed at unit x zine fair

Can you give a brief description of the tasks you have had to undertake as part of the College 4- Zine Fair option?
In College 4 we have had to work in small groups in order to create a group zine with other students from a range of courses. We have had to discuss and develop a theme in order to make a zine, while blogging about our experiences of collaboration over the course of the unit. We began with a number of lectures explaining the history of zines, manufacturing processes and marketing. All of this will lead to our zine fairs at Federation House, FACT in Liverpool and Manchester Art Gallery.

How have you prepared for the zine fair at Federation House?
As a group we have spent the past two weeks collecting materials and getting used to using the Risograph printer in the bookbinding workshop. Our zine took a few hours to print, plus time spent folding and pricing our zines. It is called TRUNK- a zine about historic figures who, by today’s standards, could be labelled as punks because of their rebellious ideas and behaviour during their time. Trunk isn’t just a play on the word ‘punk’ but relates to the idea of unearthing forgotten histories and redisplaying them in a zine format.

What are your expectations for opening night?
We hope to sell at least some of our zines- we have made a series of six different individuals in order to sell them separately and as a bundle. It should be a good night with a lot of friends from the School of Art attending and will be a good chance to see what everyone else has been up to as part of Unit X.

Would you consider continuing with your collaborative zine once Unit X has finished?
I may continue to develop my own individual zine after Unit X, however I am unsure about releasing any future issues of our collaborative zine. It may happen, but perhaps with fewer members of the original group. There is definitely scope to continue with TRUNK- there are a lot of ‘punks’ in history!


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