Unit X : Olivia Reflects

Words : Olivia Wedderburn
Images : Stewart Honeyman

Unit X evolves every year and takes the challenges from the last and makes them its own. The spaces of the final year shows have gone from multiple venues, to warehouses, to being part of the exciting Manchester After Hours programme.

temporary walls constructed at federate house

This is a great experience for students to be able to showcase their work in a professional setting to the public but also as a celebration and collaborative effort, perhaps something some of the students have never done before. The atmosphere of the set up felt like students were taking this in to their stride, with a buzz of both nervousness but excitement palpable in the air.

fashion students hang work at new century house

Exploring themes from different briefs, different disciplines and certainly different ideologies, made the set up a vibrant place to be, ideas being executed, spaces being evolved and students being communicative. To have such a large space to showcase is both rewarding and nerve-wracking, which made for a lot of concerned faces and a lot of shifting about, but students I spoke to expressed that the versatility of the project and the space made for exciting practice developments. Being part of a large festival, but also exploring their own briefs, has been a massive success for this years Unit X programme, and I’m incredibly excited to see what all of this amounts to on the opening night.

Student work at New Century House


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