Did you know there’s a Bradford in Manchester? Monday 16th March 2015

Words: Houda Basma 

This morning’s session couldn’t have been more intriguing.

This years topic for unit x level 4 3D Design students is the fascinating history of the almost ‘extinct’ Bradford in Manchester! This area’s history has an impact on the entire history of the city of Manchester socially and economically.

The session shed light on areas in the city that we have never heard before and really emphasised how forgotten and overlooked spaces can be a huge bank of inspiration for a wide range of practices. The introductory talk posed numerous questions to be initial research starting points for responding to the topic. These questions got us all excited for this afternoons site visit interrogating the area.

The session featured a talk by a recent graduate who is working on a public engagement project to design and build a memorial to commemorate the 350 years of mining at the area’s colliery. It was really informative and encouraging to hear her journey from a personal university project to a real life funded and supported venture with a social significance. Her journey had a great level of integrity and her enthusiasm got her to where she is now. It was really motivating to hear how a project can develop and how to go about generating ideas and making things happen.


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