Whitworth Limited Editions Launch – 9th March 2015

Words: Lauren Taylor

Images: Lauren Taylor 

This week saw the launch of the Whitworth Limited Editions Unit X project. Following an introductory lecture to the brief, the unit began with a hands-on, drawing and making session. The aim of the day was to get the students generating a range of ideas for potential project starting points, encouraging them to work is cross discipline groups, utilising each other’s different specialisms and skills.

In their allocated groups, the students began the creative process by constructing a list of words; five words that related to The Whitworth and five action words that related to a material, such as tear, weave or fold. From these words, they produced a series of timed two and three-dimensional drawings using a wide range of found materials provided.

The next phase was to start thinking in a more product, problem-solving way. In groups of 4 or 5, the students were asked to design a container for an item of food; they had to select and assemble the materials that should be utilised, then without making it, develop a set of instructions to visually explain how to make this container.

Whitworth ltd editions 1

We wanted to encourage the students to think about what they wanted from the container, was it there to protect or preserve the food? Did they want the essence of the food to be reflected in the container? Did they want to encourage a social or ritual eating experience?” – Cj O’Neill

The fast paced session allowed the students to loose their inhibitions, and resulted in some really playful and intelligent ideas; we are looking forward to seeing them develop during the rest of the project!


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