Yorkshire Sculpture Park visit- Wednesday 11th March 2015

Words: Kellie Craig

Images: Kristian Bird

Kicking off Unit X with our first trip, Interactive Arts have enjoyed spending the day exploring Yorkshire Sculpture Park. An inspirational start to the unit, students were given free reign to discover as much of the park as possible within a full days’ visit.

Unit X YSP Web 8

Arriving to a sunny and breezy landscape, dotted with works from Barbara Hepworth to Ai Wei Wei and Henry Moore, students from all years of Interactive Arts course documented their visit through a number of different visual media- sketching, photography and film were some of the most popular techniques used, however many students purely enjoyed the opportunity to gather inspiration from the natural countryside.

“It’s so nice to get out of the city for a change.”

Unit X YSP Web 6 

Having been able to leave the concrete confines of Manchester, this change in scenery certainly evoked a re-charge in creative inspiration. It would seem that Yorkshire Sculpture Park has provided the perfect backdrop for engaging their creative minds in new ways.

With no clear directional method of exploring the park, students were able to explore the park in groups or individually, using a map as a rough guide to where some of the significant sculptures could be found. Some interesting discussions were had, especially by first years, who even started to question the very essence and idea of whether an artwork could be classed as sculpture or not.

Unit X YSP Web 7

These debates and deliberations will be central to those on their first journey through Unit X this year, collaborating on a number of new and exciting cross-course encounters with Fashion and 3D Design. The enthusiasm and curiosity of those in their first year will be the key to their successes in collaboration, with many more adventures to be had over the next few weeks!

Unit X YSP Web 1


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