Etihad Stadium Tour – Thursday 19th March 2015

Words: Houda Basma

Images: Houda Basma 

To wrap up research week, first year students from 3D Design toured Manchester City Stadium as part of their unit X brief ‘Sensing the City’! This trip wasn’t only a fun day out but a very informative visit of the site that was once an over populated industrial region. It was a great opportunity for the students to explore the area while enjoying their time around the stadium, particularly for the passionate football fans.


It was fascinating to see how the area had transformed over the years. From a design perspective students were drawn to the details within the stadium that resembled certain features from the history of the area. The journey around the stadium made the project a lot more exciting as the students enjoyed the experience of being in various exclusive spaces while absorbing all the relevant knowledge to inform their ideas generation and responses to the brief.


‘Away from all the serious lectures and talks it’s great to be out on a day like this.’


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