Interactive Arts/Fashion Workshop – Thursday 19th March

Words: Kellie Craig

Images: Kristian Bird

Following from the successes of exploring the great outdoors at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, students of Fashion and Interactive arts got together on Thursday to begin the initial part of their collaboration together. Using the workshop space of The Shed, and led by a recent graduate of Interactive Arts, students were given the full day to explore a number of recycled materials in order to create numerous garments themed around every-day movements.


Included suggestions within their brief involved translating movements such as walking, running, handshakes and clapping into wearable forms. Not only did this juxtaposition of art and fashion create a number of interesting pieces, but the ideas flowing from the students creative collaboration surely challenges the boundaries of art and fashion in their own rights.


After creating their garments from recycled materials such as sweet-wrapper foil, cardboard, textiles and cable ties (to name a few), students were able to show off their designs that encapsulated elements of both playfulness and technicality.


One group in particular were keen to take the elemental movements of a hug and transform these ideas into a garment that restricts both arms from moving independently, therefore creating a garment featuring long sleeves that join at the wrist. Another group had also created a pair of giant hands, similar to that of carnival ‘clackers’, having turned their bodies into the instrument creating the clapping of the giant hands.


After successfully creating their garments, students then took some time to take part in a group crit, explaining a little about each of their pieces, their relationship to their chosen movement and discussion surrounding their places as art versus fashion pieces. Leading in a procession to the Benzie building, students completed the day by showing their pieces in a mini-fashion show, much to the delight of onlookers!


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