Whitworth Visit – 11/03/15

Words and Images: Lauren Taylor

A very important day for the Whitworth Limited Editions project was a day trip to the gallery itself, with a guided tour of all that it offers; the two shops, the collections, the work exhibited in the gallery and the surrounding park.

Students visit the Whitworth shop

Being recently refurbished, the Whitworth has an endless supply of inspiration for the students to use for project starting points, all the guides were clear to state that the new brand they are trying to create is based on playful, personal and intelligent work.

Students explore the Whitworth

It was an excellent opportunity for the students to experience exactly what the brief was asking them to create, and to consider a commercial outlet where they may sell their work in the future. Everything presented in the gallery and shops has been meticulously considered, right down to the fixtures and fittings – this needs to be reflected in the student’s final outcomes.


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