Mise en Scene: April Pitches

Words: Houda Basma
Images: Kristian Bird

Today, first year students from Interior Design and Creative Multimedia presented their final pitches to a professional panel of expert staff from TFGM and RNCM. It was very impressive to see how their projects progressed, and their innovative responses to the music provided and the locations chosen. The distinctive combination of interior knowledge and advanced technological ideas generated an array of outstanding installations that will create a remarkable experience for visitors of the final exhibit; especially along with the music performance by students from RNCM.

The students’ presentations were at a professional standard and it was great to see them discuss their proposals from idea to production. This is an invaluable experience to have throughout their careers and with a very positive panel it was a good opportunity to get significant constructive feedback on their installations before final production.

I wish the groups all the luck and I hope it all goes to plan as I am sure the next few weeks will be filled with hard work leading up to the unique exhibition. I look forwards to seeing their installations and the performances come to life.


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