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Festival X 2019 – An Introduction

An overview of Unit X 2019

Unit X 2019 is a collaborative interdisciplinary festival showcasing a variety of different projects across a number of subject matters. Photography, multi-media, Graphic Design, Fine Art, Film Making, Print, 3D Sculpture all feature in the 16 different Unit X Projects.

Over the 8-week period, each group worked towards a final outcome which would form part of the wider Festival, with the individual offerings within these smaller groups helping to weave an overarching festival narrative.



Co-ordination & Liaison Working Group

Elliot Nightingale

Shannon Wootton

Louis Maybury

Oliver Nuttall

Selen Suntay



Visual Identity Working Group

Ben Sharrock

Crystal Lui



Moving Image Working Group

 Nathan Johnson

Abigail Farmery

Kiran Crampton

Edward Murden

Lucy McCrea

Edward Gatley

Amber Grundy

Charlotte Brownhill

Kate Cook


Events Working Group


Abigail Robinson

Clementine Parker

Lucy Stoker

Mel Drinnan

Phoebe Royle

Issy Wells Walters

Ed Cawley

Lucy McCrea



Above: Students assume the role of models, reinterpreting an iconic image depicting Gary Neville and Paul Scholes kissing


What is Unit X? A Student Perspective

Video produced by Danny Orwin

This year we have had a short film produced with some current students offering their perspectives on Unit X, and how their thoughts have changed since they were first introduced to it during their first year.

We hope you find it useful, and that it may answer any questions you have with regards to Unit X. Click on the link below and enjoy!

What is Unit X?

Gallery: Unit X Festival 2017

Images provided by staff from Manchester School of Art

Following a truly fantastic week of events, below is a gallery of images from this year’s Unit X Festival, along with photographs from activities and events that happened during the Unit.


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Unit X Festival 2017 – Punk Project

Words & Images: Aimee Plumbley

‘I didn’t know what to put here’ consisted of three exhibitions made up of contributions from students studying Curating; Textiles; 3D design; Fashion and Art Direction; Interactive Arts; Graphic design, and Fashion design.

Students investigated the wider theme of Punk, and interpreted ‘new Punk’ and considered whether Punk still has currency. The outcome of this resulted in a mixture of zines, photo exhibitions, graphic scrapbooks and exhibits. Themes such as feminism, inequality, politics and climate change were explored. The response to the theme was a physical manifestation of contemporary issues and anxieties of young people, as well as an opportunity to express rebellion and protest to them.

The quality of work produced was amazing, well done to everyone involved.

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Unit X Festival 2017 – Identical Lunch

Words & Images: Aimee Plumbley

Identical Lunch explored food and the act of preparing and eating food, and its intrinsic links to culture and society. Responses to the brief included a bust with quotes depicting anxiety and eating projected onto it; a short film illustrating the disconnect between meat and the animals it comes from; and an interactive green screen exhibition where the food acted as a canvas.

Thanks to the students who contributed for creating such thought-provoking, yet fun and engaging pieces.

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Unit X Festival 2017 – Exploring the Narrative

Words & Images: Aimee Plumbley

‘Exploring the Narrative’ invited first year Textiles in practice students to explore narrative through textile media. Their narratives were shaped by research into ethical, political and environmental and sustainability issues.

Pieces included narratives about concerns over Brexit and fake news, the impact that human behaviour is having on the planet and its climate, and anxieties over artificial intelligence and job security. Well done to the students involved for designing such creative narratives.

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