First Things First

First year mixes it up! This year:

  • Graphic Design students are rubbing shoulders with students from Illustration with Animation.

Presented with a choice – circle or square – what would you go for? As the lecture theatre filled with squares and circles first year students from BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Illustration with Animation made their choice at their Unit X launch last week. The title of the project Circle Square, relates to one of the projects Manchester School of Art are developing around the Circle Square development on Oxford Road. Property developer Bruntwood have approached the School of Art with a view to asking students to develop creative ideas for hoardings to surround the new development as it takes shape over the next few years. We’ll check back in with the first and third years involved in this project as things progress. To start things off first years are currently working in teams to consider what happens when two worlds collide (be that circle/square, penthouse/pavement, static/mobile, spiritual/secular – or any other pairing of their choice)….


  • Three Dimensional Design students are buddying up with Textiles in Practice students;
  • Fashion, Fashion Art Direction, Interactive Arts and Interior Design students are teaming up;
  • Students from Fine Art, Art History & Curating, Fine Art and Art History will be exploring collaborative practice together;
  • Filmmaking, Photography and Animation students are all set to work together; and
  • Film & Media students will be forming connections.

We’ll take a more detailed look at each collaborative group as the Unit progresses.

Tomorrow – a quick insight into what this year’s second years are up to.


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