Two Weeks at Manchester School of Art

Words: Abi Goodman 

What a whirlwind of activity the last two weeks have been!

Last week first years from Manchester School of Art:

  • attended workshops in Super 8 Filmmaking, Live Video Performance and Projection Mapping (as part of the project for Filmmaking, Animation & Photography students)
  • gave preliminary pitches of their group’s manifesto, plan and route forward (as part of the Graphic Design/ Illustration With Animation project)
  • attended group tutorials to discuss their moodboards and develop ideas (as part of the Textiles in Practice and Three Dimensional Design project)
  • went to check out London Scottish House, the venue for this year’s final exhibition in May (as part of the Fashion, Fashion Art Direction, Interactive Arts and Interior Design project).

Second years from Manchester School of Art:

  • orbited with students from MMU’s School of Science and Engineering in an arts/science drawing class (Second year Option 1a) and then went on to conduct experiments in a lab environment within the John Dalton building,
  • visited archives including the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford (as part of the Archive project, Option 5)
  • attended a brief launched by Topman (as part of the Publishing project, Option 7)
  • taught a workshop in a secondary school (as part of the Educator project, Option 1) to help pupils create work for the Out of Schools exhibition this April.

Meanwhile third years in Textiles in Practice had the chance to explore how to put together a professional analogue and digital portfolio by talking with invited practitioners.

Over the past two weeks first year, third year and postgraduate students have been able to choose from a menu of 14 speakers (including artists, designers, writers, music-lovers and curators) to find inspiration. Some students even took the opportunity to talk with speakers, gaining advice, tips and further insight after the lecture sessions which has been great! In addition to this different projects have hosted their own guest speakers and workshop leaders.

That is just a small flavour of the last two weeks and we can’t wait to catch up with students after the Easter break to see where their emergent ideas are taking them, what new working collaborations may have been formed, and how things are building towards the big exhibition of 12-14 May. In the meantime remember to check out the Out of Schools show between the 4th and 9th of April at Manchester School of Art.


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