Option 7: Publishing

Words: Abi Goodman

“We just returned from a 2 day workshop with the 2nd year Graphic students at Manchester School of Art – a brilliant group and a beautiful school! We want to go back.” (Studio Dumbar Facebook Post 11 March 2016)

We’d love to see them again! Following on from our last post, concerning the amazing workshop that Studio Dumbar ran in March, we thought we’d share our notes from the inspiring lecture they gave while they were here. This was for Second year students from Manchester School of Art who have selected to undertake Option 7: Publishing as their Unit X project.

Studio Dumbar was founded in 1977 by 20 people from 5 nationalities. The Studio’s focus is visual branding and clients include: the Dutch railway, police and airline Transavia.

Liza Enebeis, Vincent Vrints and Daan Rietbergen introduced students to projects they had been involved in and the way the studio works. Liza’s working practice involves “writing, writing, writing”, for Daan “graphic design started for me with graffiti, experimenting with shape forms and typography”, whilst Vincent initially studied illustration and became increasingly interested in graphic design as he produced promotional material for his small collective – Studio Fluit. Vincent shared the 3D poster designs he has created for Amsterdam Sinfonia.

Liza talked about the importance of pursuing projects in your own time to relax and to inspire you.

“What you do in your spare time is also important as it inspires you and it tells us a little more about you.” (Liza)

In her spare time Liza acts as an agony aunt to designers through her blog LetterstoLoveLiza.com, and she founded Typeradio.org. The Studio is also not afraid of a bit of exercise. The whole Studio got involved in their very own Logo Gym in which they recreated famous logos using just their bodies!

The Studio shared two examples of the process the Studio goes through, one to create a visual identity for Alzheimer Nederland and another for the Royal Picture Gallery in the Hague. Every project is assigned two designers and an intern. Projects are matched with individuals at the Studio to play to their particular strengths.

The Studio is particularly keen to bring on board new talent and so they offer three month internships to students who are still studying.

“The idea is you come straight out of college with new ideas. Everyone has an individual way of looking at things.” (Liza Enebeis)

Liza, Daan and Vincent all started as interns at the Studio. For those that might be interesting in applying the advice was to do so early as slots can get booked up a year in advance. You don’t need to be able to speak Dutch. For more information you can find out more at the Studio’s website.


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