Option 7: Publishing

Words: Abi Goodman

Option 7_1

Last week we caught up with Second year students who have undertaken Option 7: Publishing as their Unit X project this term. Students have had a busy 10 weeks which have included: a day-long workshop with Studio Dumbar; lectures from 4Creative, Human After All, Hey Studio and Mucho from Barcelona; the opportunity to take on an individual project concerning a new concept store in Berlin for Topman (which could lead to internship opportunities for some); and working in groups to develop and pitch a magazine in response to words drawn out of a hat.

Students on the BA (Hons) Graphic Design course have been joined by students from BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design, BA (Hons) Creative Multimedia and BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation.

This week you will be able to see the Kickstarter films and AO posters generated by each group promoting their magazines at this year’s Unit X finale. Last week we had a sneaky peak at the work of selected groups who had been chosen to present to industry professionals Paul Willoughby (Human Afterall), Steve Watson (Stack Magazines) and Rob Walmsey of Teacake.

Of the groups we saw:

  • The word ‘Danger’ was turned into a magazine called ‘Milk’ chronicling tales of obsession and weird habits;
  • The word ‘Uncut’ was turned into a high quality volume called ‘Curious’ of which issue One was concerned with censorship and secrecy; whilst
  • The word ‘Chaos’ inspired the playful ‘Disarray’ which took the six degrees of separation theory to explore subjects ranging from bungee jumping to the Glaswegian icecream wars.

Before the pitches we got chatting to team ‘Danger’ and team ‘Uncut’ who described the Unit X experience as follows:

“It has been a pretty smooth experience working as a group. We established a style early on. We knew we wanted to be illustrative and typographic and worked out a colour scheme.” (Team Uncut)

“It has been a bigger task so we’ve divided up roles and spooled ideas together” (Team Danger)

We were also fortunate to talk to Rob Walmsely who explained that he set up Teacake with two of his peers in his second year at Manchester School of Art and has been working within the studio for the last 5 years. His top tips for students were to be professional, work as a team, support each other, say ‘yes’ to everything and most importantly to:

“Work hard and be nice to people, you never know who knows who and where it might lead.”


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