Unit X 2017

Words: Aimee Plumbley

Welcome to Unit X 2017!

Unit X is an innovative module that aids students’ professional development by working on externally focused projects, and enables the unique interdisciplinary opportunity to collaborate with undergraduate students across Manchester School of Art.

First year students have the opportunity to collaborate with students from other course areas across the School of Art. Collaborations this year include students from BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice, Interior Design and Three Dimensional Design to Film Making, Photography and Animation, whom will be working in interdisciplinary teams to complete a set brief.

Second year students have the opportunity to select a brief from a list of 12 intriguing live project titles. The project options this year include: Option 1 Publishing; Option 2 Placements; Option 3 Punk Project; Option 4 Isokon; Option 5 Narrative Encounters; Option 6 Festival; Option 7 Educator; Option 8 Studio Project; Option 9 Identical Lunch; Option 10 Future Intelligence; Option 11 Miao; and Option 12 Rebel-Tartan.

Third year students will be given support to professionalise their practice through the Enrichment Series, with the outlook that they will have developed as professional artists/designers upon graduation.

The Enrichment Series commences Thursday 9th March and will take place every Thursday thereafter. The timetable of events and activities will be available on Moodle, so make sure to check back regularly.

Unit X officially kick starts from the 6th of March.

Throughout the unit, the blog will be updated with coverage of the Inspirer Series, Enrichment Series and student and staff insights into ongoing projects.

Unit X will eventually reach its climax with the weeklong Unit X festival commencing on Monday 8th of May. We can’t wait!


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